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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 20, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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emanuel macron on "fox news sunday." check it out. local listings will have it for you. you'll see it on the fox news channel at 2:00 and 7:00. you have an awesome weekend. happy friday. >> and to you. >> thanks for joining us. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: president trump firing away at james comey as the release of the so-called comey memos escalates a feud between the. and the fbi director he fired. good friday morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> melissa: we made it. i'm melissa francis. the memos were handed over to congress before being made public. in them, comey details her interactions with president trump. the president claiming vindication saying the memos prove there was no collusion. >> these memos are his best defense against the charges that have been made up till now. because they do show that he had no problem with the russia investigation proceeding.
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what he wanted was it to be clear that he was not a suspect and hadn't done anything worthy of being a suspect. so i think if he just lets they sing for himself, he'll be fine. >> jon: john roberts live in west palm beach, florida with more. john? >> jon, good morning to you. we heard a lot about the memos when comey testified before congress last year. seeing the memos and reading through them, very interesting, adds more context to what comey was saying in that hearing on capitol hill last year. particularly on the dossier where comey was saying to the president, we have some information from russia. the allegations could be damaging. the president asked him about it. comey says i responded that we were not investigating him and the stuff might be totally made up, but it was being said out of russia and our job is to protect the president from efforts to cooers him. that was january 6. january 28 at dinner, comey said
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that he told the president "i explained that he could count on me to always tell him the truth. i said i don't do sneaky things. i don't leak. i don't do weasel moves." of course, the president has been calling james comey a slime ball because of what is in his book and the president tweeting this morning, the james comey memos out and show clearly there was no collusion and no obstruction. he leaked classified information. wow. will the witch hunt continue? the memos revealed more about the conversation that comey talked about during dinner about loyalty. comey in these more lengthy memos saying the context was in terms of the president asking about leaks. comey says "i explained that it often comes from the first or second hop-out from those working on the sensitive thing." he replayed, the president, that he needed loyalty and expected loyalty. they also talked about andrew mccabe, the deputy director at
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the fbi. he asked whether your guy mccabe, has a problem with me explaining that i was pretty rough on him and his wife during the campaign. i explained that andy was a true professional and has no problem at all. i explained what fbi people were like. that whatever their personal views, they strip them away when they step into their bureau roles and hold political people in contempt without regard to party. there was a lot of references against the allegation in the unverified dossier with the president cavorting with hookers in moscow. comey writing, the president said the hookers thing is nonsense but putin had told him we have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world. he did not say when putin had told him this. that prompted a response from vladimir putin's number 1 press secretary saying president putin could never say such things and he didn't say anything like that to trump, especially since they had never spoken to one another prior to trump becoming
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president. putin did talk about it in january with the president of moldova where he told the press exactly what the president said he said. the president was also talking about flynn a lot in his meetings with comey. the president talked about flynn making phone calls to the russian ambassador in that private meeting that the president had with comey in the oval office and there was nothing wrong with having the conversations with the russian ambassador. that's when he asked comey to let it go. the president tweeting, so general michael flynn's life could be destroyed while shady james comey can leak and make lots of money from a third rate book that should have never been written. is that the way life in america is supposed to work? i don't think so. so more granularity and context in what we've heard from james comey in his testimony and what we're reading in the book here. and the president didn't appear to have any problem with the russia investigation. going so far as to say if some satellite, somebody else in the some campaign is involved, we
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need to get to the bottom of that. comey said on multiple occasions that the president himself was not being investigated. jon? >> jon: meantime, there's a new lawyer on the president's team, rudy guliani, former u.s. attorney. what do we know about what he will be doing? >> well, we know that he is being tasked as john dowd was before john dowd left earlier this month. he was being tasked as being the liaison between president trump and the special counsel investigation. i imagine that he will probably also have some involvement in whatever happens in the cohen investigation. we found out yesterday that rod rosenstein said the president is not a target. michael cohen is the sole target in that particular case. but guliani will be talking with mueller. one of the things they'll talk about is whether the president will have an interview with
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mueller. the president said rudy is great and he wants to get this matter resolved for the good of the country. guliani said yesterday in "the washington post," he has a lot of respect for robert mueller and he wants to resolve this quickly as well. so that's why guliani is being brought in. very powerful guy to bring in. a former adviser to president trump, former mayor of new york, form former attorney for the southern district of new york. >> jon: and he held the same job as the southern district attorney that james comey held. interesting connections there. john roberts, thank you. >> thanks. >> melissa: and let's bring in bill mcgurn. a lot to chew on here. i want to start with the memos. talking about the fact that there's redactions in the comey
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memos and something that says no foreign. does that tell you that comey then did lie when he said that he didn't leak classified information? >> yes. the redactions are classified information. so every time you see a black mark, you know that. we know there's seven memos. mr. comey's own lawyer that leaked them gave a number that indicates that just by the math he would have had to have leaked one of them with the classified information. so you know, he said he didn't. it looks pretty clear that he did. >> melissa: so he laid in senate testimony then. >> yeah, it looks like there's a lot of misleading things. these -- the irony of the james comey memos is that they seem to do the most harm to james comey's reputation. you know, the stuff about i'm not a weasel, i'm not sneaky. he was sneaky, right? the other -- the larger thing is when you read the memos and you
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say president trump saying if something did something, get them. but i didn't do anything. he's eager for an investigation. it's hard to see how that justifies a special counsel. >> he made the memos to cover himself and here they end up indicting him. let's go to the comparison then. the president jumps quickly to the comparison between what general flynn was -- did and, you know, in terms of lying to the fbi and both mccabe and comey in terms of leaking and lying is. that comparison valid? >> very valid. with general flynn, even the fbi agents that interviewed him, according to mr. comey, believed that he was -- or not trying to deceive them. if you read the inspector general's report on andrew mccabe, he's trying to deceived them. he had a lawyer there. did it three or four times. should be the same standard, right?
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it looks like that's why the i.g. is asking for criminal charges. >> comey too? >> i don't know. you'd have to have an investigation. there's a lot of conflict in this thing. i'm not sure whether it rises to the level of perjury. but i think it does rise to the level of weasely. >> melissa: real quick. your thoughts on guliani joining the time. >> for president trump, it's probably a smart move. he was a prosecutor. it's famous as a prosecutor. he's been respectful of mr. mueller as far as i see, hasn't attacked mr. mueller whom he knew in his capacity as mayor of new york and as justice department colleagues. so i think that's good. the most interesting thing is he seems to say this could be wrapped up in two to three weeks if -- >> melissa: we'll see. we know how that is. >> it's odd to think that we're close to the end. >> melissa: thanks, bill. jon? >> jon: today in houston, members of the public are
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invited to pay their respects to the former first lady, barbara bush as she lies in repose. mrs. bush died tuesday at the age of 92. our casey stegall is live from houston. casey? >> jon, less than two hours from now, the doors will officially open here at this magical church back here, st. martin's episcopal church. the doors will remain open until midnight at this location for members of the public to stream through here. her casket has already been brought in to the sanctuary. this is a place where mr. and mrs. bush worshipped while they were here in houston, remember. thousands of people expected to come through in that 12-hour period today to pay their respects and say good-bye. shuttle buses running to accommodate the crowds and parking challenges. then tomorrow her state funeral will take place here at st.
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martins. some 1, 500 dignitaries will be in attendance. it's not open to the public but will be broadcast. special coverage here on fox news channel. and then following the funeral, the motorcade will depart and head up the road from us about 92 miles away to her husband's presidential library and museum in college station, texas where barbara bush be laid to rest in the family plot on the ground there's in a private ceremony. in lou of flowers and cards or any other well-wishes, the family is asking, jon, that you make a donation to the barbara bush foundation for family literacy. of course, literacy was a big cause that she championed not only in the white house but beyond. so the bush family thanks everyone for their support. if you are watching and want to pay tribute, they're asking for donations to the foundation to
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remember one remarkable lady as we have a couple of busy days ahead here in houston as we say good-bye. >> jon: very good work for her, remarkable. thanks, casey. >> melissa: former fbi director james comey under the microscope. now as former deputy, andrew mccabe could face criminal charges. >> these two guys will end up in criminal court as witnesses against each other. >> and who broke the law? >> we'll find out. >> both of them. >> melissa: so could mccabe be prosecuted? plus, two florida deputies killed in an apparent ambush. what we're learning about the attack. >> i'm going to let my men and women grieve and then we're going to put that badge back on where it's supposed to be, strap on that gun again and we're going to get out there and do our jobs. that's what sergeant ramirez and deputy lindsay would want us to do.
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>> jon: breaking in washington. the justice department watch dog refers its findings on former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe to federal prosecutors that could decide on criminal charges if they decide he intentionally lied about authorizing a leak to a reporter just before the 2016 election. so did mccabe do something illegal? this is -- is this an example of corruption at the justice department and fbi? our panel joins in now for debate. dan palmer is former adviser to republican presidential candidate ted cruz and a gop financer. robin is a former obama campaign regional field director and democratic strategist. thanks both of you for being here. so robin, you, first. you know what andrew mccabe is being accused of here, having
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set up phone calls to release information to the "wall street journal" and lying about it to investigators. does it rise to the level of criminal behavior? >> if he lied about it. now he has -- supposedly he had every right -- not leak, but he had every right to provide that information to the "wall street journal." whether or not he lied is a horse of a different color. we need to find out if he actually lied. that would be wrong. i understand that he was relieved of his position a day before retirement. if he did something illegal, then he does need to be brought to justice. >> jon: dan, your take? >> i feel that people out here in the country are absolutely irate where people paint outside the lines, like lois learner to suppress the irs and james comey exonerating hillary clinton and her aides and here we have andrew mccabe lying to congress
8:18 am
to covering up a narrative that serve as political purpose. the country is fed up with this cess pool of behavior. >> jon: yes. involved a discussion about an fbi investigation into the clinton foundation. again, this took place just before the election where andrew mccabe was trying to suggest to the "wall street journal" reporter there was no easy going on the clinton foundation. given everything else going on, robin, it raises questions about whether he was trying to put the thumb on the scale in this election. >> i can see that point. my gut instinct here is they're just trying to stir up dirt wherever and distract from what is going on in the white house. because i can't even keep track right now of how many people have been indicted, how many pled guilty. i hear all the time the fbi is this huge cabal of criminal activity. i hear people saying the
8:19 am
southern district of new york is the same. that doesn't seem to be the case. usually is the more simply explanation. seems they're trying to distract from what is happening in the white house right now with mueller getting closer. but you know, like i said, if they want to investigate this, i don't think it's going to turn up anything criminal. but if it does, he needs to pay for those crimes. >> jon: andy mccarthy, a well known former federal prosecutor disagrees. he thinks that andy mccabe could be in real legal trouble here. here's what he had to say. >> well, it looks like very strong full statement case. looks like the inspector general, michael horowitz has done a very comprehensive job interviewing the witnesses and going through all of mccabe's assertions and showing how he first denied it and basically changed his version of events. looks like a very strong case to me. >> jon: yeah, dan, given some of the other people who have been,
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you know, have had criminal charges lodged against them for false statements, scooter libby lost a position at the white house, lost his law license and was convicted for outing valorie plane in this same way. what do you think of the former deputy director? >> i think the prospects should be criminal prosecution. the election was was campaigned in great part on lock her up, you know, drain the swamp. let's hold people accountable for their misdeeds. clearly there's been a politicization of these supposedly neutral agencies. you know, whether it's a deep state or not is a different issue. it's clear there's a political bias on the part of a lot of people holding the higher positions. i think the public is fed up. if jeff sessions does understand the message of this election, doesn't take prosecutions, think
8:21 am
it's time for a different attorney general. >> dan palmer and robert, thank you both. >> thank you. >> melissa: president trump says the media is spinning a false narrative on russia. does he have a point? and we're learning about a break through on one of north korea's longstanding demands. what that could mean for negotiations on its nuclear program. >> our campaign of maximum pressure will continue until north korea denuclearizes. we have great respect for many aspects of what they are doing, but we have to get it together.
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>> melissa: breaking news. the dnc has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the russian government, paul manafo manafort, the russian government and others alleging a conspiracy to disrupt the 2016 campaign and to help president donald trump win the election. >> there's been nobody tougher on russia than president donald trump. there's been nobody tougher than me. with the media, no matter what i did, it's never tough enough. that's their narrative. russia will tell you, there's been nobody tougher than donald trump. >> jon: well, president trump touting his record on russia, rejecting criticism that his administration failed to hold the kremlin accountable for
8:26 am
meddling in the u.s. election and also for supporting the syrian regime. let's bring in our media panel, tiffany cross and managing editor of the beast d.c. and co-host of the beast d.c. podcast. beverly hallburg is from the heritage foundation. your react, tiffany, to this news that the dnc is suing the russian government and the trump campaign and some of president trump's family members and so forth alleging that they colluded to affect or steal this -- disrupt the election, is their term. >> i'm somewhat comforted that somebody is concerned that the russian government a foreign adversary, is actively attacking our democracy as we speak. if we look at the facts, the russian government certainly -- everyone agrees the russian government interfered with our democratic process in 2016.
8:27 am
they're doing the same thing as we speak. so i'm a bipartisan advocate of anybody that wants to combat that effort and investigate people that may be helping and aiding in their efforts to disrespect our government. in terms of the president, saying there's nobody tougher on russian than him, this is something that dances in these grandiose pats on the back that he does. if we look at the facts, all evidence points to -- there's nobody that disagrees, there's plenty of national intelligence agencies that says yes, there's been -- the russian government attacking our democratic process. i would challenge this president to join the dnc and say yes, as a patriot, i want to know who is interfering with our elections. this is something that we should explore. i hope the dnc gets to the bottom of it and i hope that donald trump applauds these efforts as well.
8:28 am
>> jon: all right. let's give beverly a chance. this complaint alleges a conspiracy between the russian government and the trump campaign, beverly. so far nobody has shown any connection, any collusion. >> i think democrats continue to want to find some evidence that this election that president trump won, that he didn't win it legitimately. whether it's the mueller investigation, whether it's this new investigation, they're continuing to find some connection. yet we haven't found anything. we still need to wait for the mueller investigation, the report to come out. so far there's nothing to prove it. even with the way that the media wants to report that trump is soft on russia, i will agree, i disagree with his rhetoric sometimes, he's not our friend, putin is not but his actions have been very strong. you can take expelling 60 diplomats in the past few weeks and friday, we had the attack against syria.
8:29 am
putin is working hand and hand with assad and that was a strong move by the president. this has the mainstream media wanting to tie this election was rigged and hillary clinton lost. >> the notion that mr. trump has been soft on russia, tiffany, he kicked 60 diplomats out. that's a record. by the way, they're not really diplomats. they're believed to be spies. but it's not been done before. >> agreed. but this is not a media narrative. we can look at this president's own actions. at the time it was revealed that russia interviewed them, his reresponsibles was oh, you think the united states is so innocent? imagine had any other president uttered such words. that's not a media narrative. those are the words coming from
8:30 am
the president's own mouth. he's publicly applauded vladimir putin on numerous occasions. rarely said -- until recent times, he's rarely said something negative about him. the things the media -- we're following his own tweets. >> jon: beverly? >> melissa: the obama administration was soft on russia. who could forget hillary clinton with the reset button with putin. i agree his rhetoric hasn't been good enough. there's a bias here and a hypocrisy on how the media covered up. >> jon: and i apologize for calling your organization the beast. it's the beat. >> thank you. no worries, jon. >> jon: it's friday and a long week. thank you both. >> thank you. >> melissa: president trump claiming vindication after the release of james comey's memos to congress. karl rove on whether or not the president is right and what the documents could mean for the
8:31 am
mueller investigation. plus, the search for a motive in a deadly attack on two officers that is being described as an ambush. >> we're going to agree, we're going to get upset and cuss a little bit. at the end of the day, we're going to remember those two men to what they are and they're heros. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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florida police investigating the murder of two deputies. the officers killed after a gunman opened fire through the window of a restaurant yesterday afternoon. >> what do you expect happens when you demonize law enforcement to the extent its been demonized. every type of hate and every type of put-down that you can think of, the only thing these men were guilty of is wanting to protect you and me. they just wanted to get something to eat. >> melissa: jonathan serrie joins us live. >> this happened in gilchrest county. a small community with fewer than 30 deputies. you can imagine what type of impact this type of attack would have on this close knit community here. investigators thought the shots came from outside that chinese restaurant where the two deputies were grabbing a bite to eat. they now say 59-year-old john hubert highnote, a local man
8:36 am
with no known history with the sheriff's office, walked into the restaurant and then assaulted the deputies. when first responders arrived, they found the gunman dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. for his victims, sergeant ramirez had been in law enforcement for seven years. he leaves behind a wife and children. taylor lindsey has served with the sheriff's office for five years. and yesterday president trump tweeted my thoughts, prayers and condolences are with the families, friends and colleagues of the two gcso florida deputies. heros that lost their lives in the line hoff duty. bobby schultz, the gilchrest county sheriff says he will continue with the mission of his fallen deputies. he took to social media and said we'll continue to serve you for them. melissa? >> melissa: jonathan, thank you. >> certainly. >> jon: president trump reacting
8:37 am
to newly-released memos from former fbi director james comey. the president claims the redacted documents vindicate him in the russia investigation. tweeting "james comey memos just out and show clearly that there was no collusion and no obstruction. also, he leaked classified information. wow! will the witch hunt continue?" let's bring in karl rove, former senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to george w. bush and a fox news contributor. so karl, do you share the president's conviction that clearly the memos show that there was no collusion? >> yes, for two reasons. first of all, these are very precise memos. you can just tell that immediately after leaving the white house, comey is putting his thoughts in order in order to share them with people around him. he's talking about hands and who is sitting where and how people's facial expressions were
8:38 am
and so forth. anybody that precise and that voluminous in their reporting on it, if there was a moment in which there was any obstruction of justice, we would hear about it. he goes out of his way -- he never says, mr. president, we have the dossier and we're concerned about collusion between you or high-ranking officials. the absence of the topic being addressed says that when it comes to obstruction, there's no evidence whatsoever of obstruction. nothing is offered up to suggest collusion. there's actually ed to the opposite when it comes to obstruction. he reports on a conversation with the white house chief of staff and asked him whether or not a question about flynn and and leakers. comey cautions him, we ought to have those conversations cond t conducted with the justice department and the fbi and
8:39 am
minimize the amount of contact. if there was obstruction, you think he would have reported to his deputies, the president tried pressuring me and i felt like this was obstruction of justice. we don't see that. >> jon: and he's a guy with a long record as a u.s. attorney, a prosecutor. he's a guy that knows the law. so if he felt that the president was crossing the line or breaking the law, you would think he would have put that in black and white. >> as the director of the fbi, he would have a professional and some would say a moral responsibility to put that on if record, that there was an attempt at obstruction of justice and obviously he didn't. andrew mccarthy, a former prosecutor in the southern district of northern that prosecuted the blind sheik, they don't see it either. >> jon: newt gingrich, the former speaker of the house, said he has read something, if you will, into james comey's body link and facial expressions during this.
8:40 am
let's listen to this. >> turn off the sound. watch his face. you are looking at a guy that around the seventh grade practiced sincerity. >> you're saying he's acting? >> i'm saying he taught himself at an early age, a series of self-serving emotions. watch him for a couple hours with this stuff. he uses it over and over and over. this guy is almost a pathological liar. >> jon: is itself serving? >> yeah, i think so. newt has an interesting theory. i'm going to leave that for others to decide acceptance or not. but i do think james comey, if you read the book and particularly the interview with george stephanopoulos, this is a sanctimonious individual. i dealt with him in the bush administration. let me give you two quick examples. in the book he talks about valerie plane and scooter libby.
8:41 am
he leaves out the facts. scooter libby didn't not leak plane's name. it was the undersecretary of state richard armitige. he was never charged and subjected to the scrutiny that scooter libby and i was. the second thing is, there was no underlying offense. scooter -- richard armitige leak plane's name. she was not a covert agent. in his book -- it's like eight times in a couple pages he refers to her -- comey does, as a covert agent. he was not. but he has to make himself look like this is somehow morally justified. same thing when he gets to a description of the moment where he is -- where attorney general john ashcroft is ill and in the hospital. >> jon: right. >> the white house chief of staff and the counsel, alberto
8:42 am
gonzalez under president bush approach him, go to visit him in the hospital about reauthorizing a vital listening program. comey puts himself in the room. he says he's in the room at ashcroft's elbow when they walk in. my understanding is, they walk in the room and mrs. ashcroft. he's wife is so ill. nobody calls the president, calls the white house counsel and tell them that. comey is hiding behind a screen in the room and all you can see is his shoes. he's not there in the open. makes him look like a big hero in reality he's just an eye witness to something that he misrepresents. >> jon: that's a story that we talked about before, karl. thanks for bringing it to our attention. thanks, karl. >> thank you. >> melissa: north korea showing a sign of good faith ahead of a
8:43 am
meeting with kim jong-un and president trump. what the rogue nation is dropping as a condition to ending its nuclear program. >> we hope to see the day when the whole korean peninsula can live together in safety, prosperity and peace. this is the destiny of the korean people who deserve and have gone through so much over the years.
8:44 am
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>> jon: a live look now at high school students in washington joining others across the country in walking out of class. they're marking 19 years since the columbine high school massacre in colorado. protesting what they describe as political inaction on gun violence. >> melissa: north korea reportedly dropping their long-held demand that the u.s. withdraw troops from south korea in exchange for
8:47 am
denuclearization. let's bring in general jack keane, fox news senior strategic analyst and chairman for the institute for the study of war. what do you make of that move, general? >> that's exactly what was told to director pompeo when he was on his visit with kim jong-un. he went over there with the full knowledge of who kim jong-un is because the cia is the best profilers in the government. and i think he was stress-testing north korean leader to determine is he sincere about denuclearizing? if he is, what is the evidence of it? he brought that back, debriefed the president and i think he has other information as well in terms of what north korean leader's other conditions he be to be able to make the deal. based on that, the president announced that he's going forward to that summit with all the political liability associated with it because he's been given some evidence by the director of the cia that there's really an opportunity here. he's a liar and a cheat but
8:48 am
there seems to be an opening and an opportunity for maybe the most significant diplomatic achievement since the end of world war ii. that is the possibility in front of us. >> melissa: you had the opportunity to talk to director pompeo, right? >> yes, i did. i talked to him prior to his departure to north korea. he didn't disclose he was going there. the subject that i discussed with him is north korea. he has -- he understands all the issues and he understands who kim jong-un is as well. it was absolutely the right move for the president to send him over there as i say to stress test kim jong-un to see if his really sincere. >> melissa: when you hear the president say things like yesterday, maybe the day before when he said that it doesn't seem like the talks are producing results that he will respectfully walk away. that's long that he wouldn't normally use. in your mind, who is he being coached by? >> i think that's just president trump. just that's who he is, the way
8:49 am
he's done deals all of his life. he's communicating that no so much to the american people, he's communicating that to the north korean leader. he wants that leader to here those words. he won't even show up if what he has been told is no longer true about pulling troops out is no longer a condition. >> melissa: moving to russia or to syria, actually. you think that russia cares about whether or not we get in there and see evidence if there was chemical weapons. but assad doesn't cared that much. is that right? >> yeah. assad doesn't care about what the world thinks about him using chemical weapons. he used them multiple times and will use them again if it's necessary and help can't dig out the opposition. russia care be about their image. even after the record came out last year by the international investigators that determined that chemical weapons were used by the pro regime forces, russia
8:50 am
still denies they're used. they accuse the radicals of doing it. they don't want this label and they have sanitized that site. they were the first people in there after the rebels pulled out. they've been working on sanitizing it's. they don't want the evidence to be determined and get out to the public. they don't want there domestic audience -- what he's concerned about, because he wants to keep the approval rating up in the fact that his economy is in the tank, other issues acting the people and he doesn't need this aggravation on top of that in terms of the image of russia. >> melissa: general jack keane, thanks for your time. have a great weekend. >> you too, melissa. >> jon: new violence at the israeli gaza border. protests are going on right now as they have every week since late march. you can see tear gas in the air. a life report from this dangerous area next.
8:51 am
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8:54 am
>> "outnumbered" at the top of the hours. president trump says the comey memos vindicate him. and the chairman that said they got released should be exhibit a against any charge of obstruction against the president. which will the memos mean? >> we shall see. plus, we had trouble doubling down on the need for a border wall, the president is, and threatening to cut off federal funds to the state of california because of how its governor plans to use and not use the national guard at the border. >> are you ready? it's >> yes. >> woo! >> we'll see you top of the hour on "outnumbered"." >> melissa: more deadly protest
8:55 am
in gaza. the protesters aren't letting up and some of them are using a new tactic. mike tobin is at the border. now people are sending burning kites into israel? >> burning kites. we'll get into that. as the sun is setting here on another bloody day, three people have died today. more than 170 wounded including among the dead a 14-year-old boy that was demonstrating. let me step out here so you can see the life pictures. well over 5,000 people came out. you can see the palestinians on the gaza side of the border fence. there's fires burning there, the tire fires that were earlier on. the white smoke appears to be the israelis defense forces to get the crowds to disperse before the sun goes down. i want to draw your attention to
8:56 am
the dirt mound. that is an israeli sniper position. what you see are the demonstrators trying to get closer to the fence. if they get too close, the israelis open fire. let's roll video from earlier in the day. the black smoke provides for them to get closer. you mentioned the new weapon that the palestinians are using. that i put kites in the air. the tail end, they put a torch. the goal is to get the kite high enough to clear the fence and cut the line and getting it to crash with the goal of starting a fire. one more day of demonstrations out here. one more day turns deadly. melissa? >> melissa: mike, be careful. thank you. >> jon: president trump taking ames at james comey again at the former director's memos are released to congress. the latest out of the white house next! en did you see the ?
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>> i might see you monday. i'm not sure. i'm doing this jury duty call in thing. it's been a good luck with that. thanks for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, new reaction from president trump to the release of former fbi director james comey's memo. the president tweeted "they showed there was no collusion and no obstruction." you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. a former deputy spokesperson for the state department, marie harf. fox news contributor tomi lahren and joining us on the couch today, former white house press secretary under president george w. bush and a fox news contributor as well, ari fleischer. he's "outnumbered." we got a busy day. welcome back. >> tomi: thank you, good to be here. round two. >> harris: president trump reacting to the


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